Eat for Life

Healthy Easy REcipes 

I hope my recipes will inspire you to eat healthy, now as a young adult and in the future. Eating healthy is not boring and actually can more fun than ever by buying select ingredients and cooking at home. Being in the kitchen too, you also can explore new combinations of flavors, textures and ingredients to your liking. I hope this cookbook is just the beginning of a new culinary healthful approach for you.  Now let’s get started and begin to “ Eat for Life”! Welcome to healthy eating and delicious nutritious choices!  Warm Wishes with love for healthy food! Marisa Malanga   

About the Author

I choose to create “ Eat for Life” cookbook because I have many friends my age who struggle every day with good eating habits.  Also childhood obesity and diabetes have both increased significantly every year in our nation. I wanted to make a difference in my generation of young adults in their eating habits by distributing a healthful cookbook to young communities where they may not have the resources to learn and acquire healthy recipes that are fun, easy and focused to young teenagers.  I have always enjoyed cooking and being in the kitchen. When my family owned a restaurant, I worked there very often and baked the desserts. I also became food editor of my high school newspaper. I wanted to contribute my passion and love for cooking into my Gold Award for Girl Scouting and make a difference in teenage eating habits. This is such an important health issue and concern currently in this country. I hope my “Eat for Life” continues to inspire young adults to start cooking with a healthy outlook in the kitchen.