Eat for Life

Healthy Easy REcipes 

My health tips will change every month! CHeck out new ways to stay healthy for

"Eat for Life"!!!!

Health Tips !!!

-Substitute nonfat Greek yogurt for sour cream in most recipes. Save calories and reduces fat.

- Use all healthy and non-processed food items whenever you can. -  Try and stay away from white food. The more color, the more nutritious. -  Olive oil is best“ good fat” to eat than any other fat or oil. Actually stimulates your metabolism and helps get rid of fat cells. Avocado is another rich healthy fat food! -  Always eat breakfast to get your metabolism moving and handling a busy day. People who eat breakfast have more productive days, less stress and burn more calories. - Exercise daily to keep your metabolism moving not only physically but also emotionally. People who exercise are happier and less moody. -  Make every bite count. Ask yourself, is this food going to make me live longer or make me healthier? -  Stay away from high sugar foods as much as you can. Avoid sugar filled soda, juices and energy drinks. Drink lots of water every day and flavor with natural ingredients, such as lemon, lime, orange and splash of your favorite fruit juice. -  Last but not least, get your rest! Sleep is important and tries and get at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Rest makes you a healthier and more productive person, which has proven to give you less stress and better quality of everyday life.